Kentucky Academy of Science


The Kentucky Academy of Sciences has several disciplines which encompass the wide range of scientific research and study that is available. Each section contains contact information for the officers in that discipline and other pertinent information. *

Agricultural Sciences
Jean GumirakizaSection Chair
Vikas KumarSection Secretary
Anthropology and Sociology
Benjamin FreedSection Chair
Amanuel BeyinSection Secretary
Lawrence AliceSection Chair
Maggie WhitsonSection Secretary
Cellular and Molecular Biology
Emily ShifleySection Chair
Gary ZeRuthSection Secretary
Chemistry: Analytical / Physical
Harry FanninSection Chair
Bommanna LoganathanSection Secretary
Chemistry: Organic / Inorganic
Kevin RevellSection Chair
Kyle WatsonSection Secretary
Computer and Information Sciences
Jerzy JaromczykSection Chair
Muzaffar AliSection Secretary
Ecology and Environmental Science
Maheteme GebremedhinSection Chair
Roberta ChallenerSection Secretary
Aaron DaleySection Chair
shen liuSection Secretary
Buddhi GyawaliSection Chair
Christopher DaySection Secretary
Ann HarrisSection Chair
David DockstaderSection Secretary
Health Sciences
Bruce BrananSection Chair
Avinash TopeSection Secretary
R. Douglas ChathamSection Chair
Andy MartinSection Secretary
Lingyu HuangSection Chair
Joseph MesterSection Secretary
Physics and Astronomy
Troy MessinaSection Chair
Marilyn AkinsSection Secretary
Physiology and Biochemistry
Michael SmithSection Chair
Julia CarterSection Secretary
Richard OsbaldistonSection Chair
KatieAnn SkogsbergSection Secretary
Science Education
Shira RabinSection Chair
Karen HlinkaSection Secretary
Roy Scudder-DavisSection Chair
Oliver BeckersSection Secretary

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* NOTE: In response to a recommendation from the KAS Program Committee and input from the Botany and Microbiology section members, the KAS Governing Board has approved the separation of the Botany and Microbiology Sections, and the division of Chemistry into Organic/Inorganic and Analytical/Physical.. .

If your membership is currently listed in the "Botany and Microbiology" section, or in the "Chemistry"Section please login to your membership account and update your profile to list in either "Botany" or "Microbiology" or "Chemistry: Organic/Inorganic" or "Chemistry: Analytical/Physical".Or, if you would like your section affiliation changed to one of these new sections please inform Executive Director Amanda Fuller